The Platform

Let your investments be handled automaticlly according to your preference or Create you own Crypto currency with Droid algorithm included.  

Invest, ghost or create?

We are intelligence in action.

Make manual investments, make your own investment strategy and share your way of invest, ghost other investors. You are also able to create investment-groups, where you and your friends will be able to combine you assists, and divide you returns according to you invest share.

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Investment strategies

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Droid stages

Droid Alpha 001

The standard investment droid

Droid Alpha 001 will be the standard low risk investment droid. This Droid will be best for investors with low risk and no sudden surprises.

  • Risk Very low
  • Share of stable coins 100%
  • Mining possibilities No
  • Automation Partly
  • Number of investment profiles 1
  • Join Investment groups No
  • Ghost possibilites No
  • Monthly costs Free

Droid EVO M1

The Optimistic profile

1 of the 78 Droids there will act according to the investment profiles. 

  • Risk Low
  • Share of stable coins 90%
  • Mining possibilities Yes
  • Automation Yes
  • Number of investment profiles 2
  • Join Investment groups Yes
  • Ghost possibilites Yes 10% of portfolio
  • Monthly costs Free for Droid Coin Holders
Ghost or be a ghost

Follow or share your investment - and earn from it

Let people see and follow you investment, and create a network of followers in cryptocurrencies. earn Droid Coins for you effort, and sharing, and more ghost-followers = better return in Droid Coins every month. 

Ghost on the road
Molecular abstract network, dark background, 3d illustration
Create a investment Network

Divide and conquer

Create a Investment network, and make internal fights, co-op investments or just add a part of the portfolio in a joined pool – agree on how the returns shall be divided and lock for 1-12 months. 

Make bets against each other, and set your own reward in tokens, coins or just the honor – everything is trask nice and easy in the Group Network Dashboard.