A Smart BEP20 Contract with endless opportunities

Allways evolving

And always fit the market to secure the holders

A Contract there keep make

Changes to secure the holders and profitable investments

The Droid Coin Doesn’t have final tokenomics, but always changes to secure the most stable price and the best possbile revenue for the investors. 

The contract is handled by The Droid. The Droid has very few rules to comply:
  • Fees can’t exceed 15% in total.
  • The contract must only be changed in favor for the holders.
  • The Bot can’t trade more than 5 times a week.
  • The total trade must not exceed -1.2% of the daily trading volume
  • The bot can’t make any selling before the security pot of 150 BNB has been added to the pool.

The Droid will change the contract once a week for the first 3 months, while its learn the trading signals. After 3 months it will change the contract twice a week and so on. Over time the contract can be changed day by day, and our expectations is The Droid will be able to change the tokenomics on hourly basis in ultimo 2023.
The Droid Coin

Benefits & Rewards

Static Reward

Hold and get static reward when The Droid runs Static Reward in the tokenomics

Changes = better returns

Hold you Droid Coins and wait for The Droid to involve and fit the contract and supply to the current market

Stake (Mid 2022)

Stake your Droid Coins to get great rewards such as Airdrops, early access to the Droid platform and much more

No humans

No owner - Only the community

We believe in the community

The algorithm is the owners goal – an algorithm there can beat a trading bot, to give a fair market. Therefore we will use all our resoruces to further development, and put the life of the Droid Coin in the communities hands. 

The future will bring a lot of cool features such a staking, access to the Droid Platform, where holders will able to get deep insight in any BEP20 token, and use the Droid to make auto-investments – or just make investments in new tokens. Connect you wallet, and get a investment report and analyze on your investment 24 month back.