The Roadmap

The world a crypto, algorithms and AI will be the future, and we work to be the first and choose AO Crypto investment portal and token generator. 

Android Robot's portrait
Phase 1

The release of the Droid Coin

The Droid Coin will be released on Pancakeswap ultimo February 2022 with only 200 coins available in the pool. The value will be 200 Droid Token = 1 BNB.  After the AI Droid will take over. Having a security pot of 150 BNB to release additional tokens if the demand request it. the expectation is the 150 BNB will be ind the pool at summer 2022. After that there will be added additional 150 BNB to the droid in case of the demand request for more coins. The rest of the tokens will be locked until summer ultimo 2022.

The start tokenomics will be: 10% Pool & 2 % Static Reward – The contract can be change by the droid after 1 Week. 

There will be a limit of 1% pr. Wallet and 1% pr. transaction – These can also be change by the droid after 1 week. 

*There aren’t any guarantees for changes, the Droid can change the contract to fit the market situation, but can’t create an owner (droid Wallet) wallet fee.

Phase 2

listing of Exchanges

When the Droid notes a holders amount of 2.500 holders, we will get notified, and will start the process for being listed on Exchanges such as CoinmarketCap and CoinGecko. 

When to amount of holders exceed 5.000 the bot will once again notify us, and a process for being listed on other exchanges will start. 


Cryptocurrency concept
Phase 3

Free token Creation

The Droid will now be 67% generated, and will start the process of offering free establishment of token managed by the Droid to secure further development. Holders of Droid Coins can after 3 months get a free cryptocurrency generation. 

We will enter the 2nd phase of the Droid Platform, where developers will start the development of main functions such as trading, ghosting and group network investment & mining


Phase 4

Release of the Platform

The platform will be released ultimo 2022 for Holders there have been a holders for 100 USD for more than 6 months. They will have 1 month access ahead, to establish networks, ghost-protocols and start mining. 

in primo 2023 will the rest of the holders get access with access to all functions free of charge in 6 months. In mid 2023, some functions will have additional costs of 0.001%* every tade made in the platform. Estimated costs pr. month has been calculated to 12.00 USD pr. month, with using all the functions in the system. the costs for the system will be split 50% to further development and 50% to salaries and costs.

The referral program will start as well in this phase.

*For holders with a value of 50 USD in Droid Coins in the wallet 


Working on programming dashboard on laptop
Working on programming dashboard on laptop
Phase 6

Open Platform

The Platform will open for public access in mid 2023 with 2 month free access to all functions. 

Mining and Group Networks will only be available for holders of Droid Coins (50 USD) 

Competitions will start with grand reward up to 5.000 USD for most gross-protocal followers, most references and best Group network.

The Group Investment network will be expanded from 5 to 8 user pr. group. 

Trading of all cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains will be available. 



Droid Card available

4 different tiers of a Droid MasterCard will be available: Regular, Silver Gold and platin. Tiers requirements will be defined later.

Droid lottery will be available in this phase as well. where the grand pot has been calculated to be up to 10.000 BNB at the current stage. 

Invitations to special events online and different locations, and possibilities to attend in high-class ICOs

This will be final Phase before implementing Droid 3.0 

Macro shot credit card.
Modern data center servers room with neon lights AI iot learning 3d rendering
Phase 8

Droid 3.0 Crypto

More than just a Crypto – More than just AI – more than just humanity 

The Droid 3.0 will be next generation of currencies. 


The marketing will be used wisely to secure the Droid can follow the transactions. This project is in great need for the approach to be generic and not happen by fictitious or aggressive advertising. Once the Droid has reached a capacity of 22%, the advertising will begin.

Droid process 3%

Marketing on twitter & Facebook

Secure the community support the process and project by getting the community to share the news on social medier. 

Droid process 15%

Slowly open for Poocoin ads

Slowly open for PooCoin ads and analyze the outcome of the ads, when we see the Droid can manage it, we will open further for ads on different site.